How Thangles Work

Thangles are very easy to use.  You never have to cut triangles or use 7/8″ math, or square up every piece.   All you do is cut straight grain strips.

1.  Cut your strips 1/2″ wider than the desired finished size.  The Thangles size and the finished size are the same.   We are going to make  2″ finished half square triangles, so our strips are cut 2 1/2″ wide.   Layer the fabric strips with the right sides together.

2.  Pin the Thangles template to the fabric strips keeping the outside edges lined up.   This is easy to do if you lay everything out on your cutting matt and start at one end.  Put a pin in the end triangle, then walk your fingers to the solid line.  This is a cutting line, but it also lets you know where you need a pin. Continue down the strip pinning at each solid line and end with a pin in the end triangle.

3.  Sew on the dotted lines.  Use a regular stitch length (2 mm or 12 stitches to the inch) and a regular needle (#70 or #80).  You do not need to shorten the stitch length or use a larger needle. Thangles are printed on a special paper that will break away so you do not need to shorten the stitch length or changing the needle.  Unlike paper piecing with office paper, you can use your normal sewing setting and needle.

4.  Cut on the solid lines.  You will also have one pointed dog ear to cut away.  You can do it now or after you press.  With Thangles you only have one dog ear to trim, with other methods, you have two, so you save time.

5. Flip the unit over so you see the fabric, open and PRESS with the paper on.  You want to keep the paper on for the pressing so the bias seam is supported.  Your points will be perfect.  Also, When you do take the paper away, the seam is heat set.  Thangles are printed with a special heatproof ink so you can do this. Photocopy, inkjet and laser inks are heat sensitive, they will transfer with heat and make a mess on your fabrics.

6.  Take the paper away.  Your Thangle is now read to be sewn into a block!  See how Thangles make block construction easier.